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Efedrina Level 50 mg

Ephedrine – a drug that is extracted from the plant Ephedra.

Causes narrowing of the vascular lumen, increasing systemic blood pressure, increased blood glucose, increased bronchial walls.

The widespread use of ephedrine was in anesthesiology, intensive care, ophthalmology, otolaryngology.

The active ingredient – ephedrine hydrochloride.

The mechanism of action is similar to adrenaline.

By interacting with adrenergic receptors alpha and betta types, located in all the smooth muscles leads to their stable excitation.

By electrochemical nerve impulse transmission Ephedrine triggers relaxation process of smooth muscles of the bronchi, and contributes to vascular spasm.

This is due to the fact that the larger bronchial beta-adrenergic receptors responsible for their extension, in vessels – many alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation in lumen narrowing.

With this in mind, used in acute reduction of system pressure (blood loss, shocks of varying etiology, surgery), acute airway obstruction and functional mechanical nature (asthma, laryngospasm), congenital and acquiredmuscle diseases with weak contractions (all kinds of myasthenia), and enuresis, allergic conditions (angioedema, hay disease, anaphylaxis), inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane of the eyes and nose.

It is also used in the treatment of drug poisoning and hypnotics, spinal anesthesia, which is often accompanied by a sharp drop in pressure.

Ephedrine belongs to the B list – pharmacological drugs with high toxicity. To avoid overdose, it is assigned a strictly professional. Adults appoint an average of 1-2 tablets three times a day, children – between a quarter and a whole tablet in one step, in accordance with age.

The treatment of the ephedrine tablets can reach two weeks duration, as in the case of bronchial asthma.

Drops at a concentration of 2-5% substances buried the nose of 1-2 drops into each nasal passage 3-4 times a day.

After receiving ephedrine notes quickly passing heartbeat, anxiety, trembling of the limbs. Excessive use it – the lack of sleep, loss of appetite, vomiting, agitation, allergic manifestations.

Ephedrine can not be used in patients suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia, diseases of the heart and thyroid gland.

24 tablets per pack of 50 mg

Efedrina Level 50 mg

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