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Ephedrine HCL 

Ephedrine are an effective fat burner and provides you with an energy boost for workouts. As it increases body temperature, you burn more calories without effort. If you are combining ephedrine with workouts, you will have noticeable results in weight loss and with the added energy, you will also see an improvement in strength.

Benefits of Pure Ephedrine Tablets:

--Appetite Suppressant

--Maximum Thermogenic

--Fat Burning and Weight Loss

--Helps Maintain Muscle While Dieting

--Increase Metabolism

--Energy Booster

Pure Ephedrine has a vasoconstrictor effect so that your blood travels throughout your body and reaches muscle more efficiently. With extra blood flow to your muscles, you will achieve dramatic strength gains and improved cardiovascular performance. Again, ephedrine is an awesome supplement for anyone looking to lose weight, build muscle or improve athletic performance. If taken with aspirin and caffeine the fat burning effect will almost double.

Pure Ephedrine tablets (tabs) also boosts your metabolism, so you can take it throughout the day and without doing anything, benefit from weight loss. It is a thermogenic, so it can increase energy and blood flow, boost metabolism and slightly increase body temperature – all resulting in effective weight loss.

Ideally, pure ephedrine tablets should be taken throughout the day to get the maximum benefit. If taken three times per day, in the morning, noon and mid afternoon before meals, you will notice significant fat burning results. It should be taken approximately 30 minutes before each meal. Due to its metabolism boosting effects, pure ephedrine tablets dramatically reduces appetite. Try to avoid taking ephedrine tablets 4-5 hours before bed.

Pure Ephedrine is very popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes, as it has anti-catabolic characteristics – which helps maintain a strong muscle system while dieting.

1 tablet every 6-8 hours. Do not exceed 4 tablets in a 24 hour period.

50 ephedrine tablets per package. 

Ephedrine HCL

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