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Oxybolic Oxymetholone Cooper Pharma

Oxymetholone is an extremely powerful anabolic which is also widely regarded as the most potent commercially viable steroid

Oxymetholone is a formidable product that, when administered properly, provides hallucinating results; is undoubtedly the perfect product for those whose goal is to gain mass.

Of course, most AAS types come with incredible benefits, but Oxybolic stands out from the pack in that its results are remarkably impressive that neither Dianabol can match.

Below are some of its benefits;

Gross gains in gross mass
High power capacity
Faster recovery rates
Higher nutrient absorption capacity
Accelerated Oxygen Absorption

For a strength athlete or bodybuilder, you have much to benefit from using anadrol as it increases recovery and overall size. However, since the muscle gains obtained with the use of this product come from water retention and fat gain, anadrol may not be ideal for those who wish to maintain their physique.

However, the additional water resulting from the administration of anadrol plays a crucial role in protecting the joints of the body, something that those engaging in high intensity activities will be useful.

Dosage and Anadrol Cycles / Oxymetholone

Since anadrol is extremely strong, its cycle should last between 4-6 weeks with the tablets to be given only once a day. Beginners should give 50 mg a day and not more so in order to gain tolerance first. Mid-level users should incorporate 100mg per day, while advanced users will need to administer 150mg of anadrol per day.

Oxybolic (Oxymetholone) 50 Pills / 50mg - Cooper Pharma

Oxybolic Oxymetholone Cooper

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