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Winobolic Injectable Stanozolol Cooper Pharma

Stanozolol; also known as winstrol, and a steroid that can be found both in the injectable and oral versions. This drug is one of the most widespread among bodybuilders), there are some myths about it, like what Stanozolol "dries".

In fact this drug has little androgenic characteristics (male characteristics) and moderately anabolic (muscle growth) characteristics. Some women use this drug because it has little androgenic characteristics, but a small virilization can be seen in some women.

As with other drugs, its efficiency depends on the affinity of the drug with its receptors. In any case, perhaps this is the reason why this drug is so controversial by bodybuilders, some having found good results with its use while others have not.

Stanozolol is used primarily for the purpose of increasing muscle mass with a lower risk of water retention, hence the myth that the drug is dry. In fact, it can be better utilized in the definition period, because it will not retain as much water, unlike some drugs with more androgenic effects and that have more androgenic characteristics.

This drug has as characteristics an increase of the appetite and of the corporal weight with remarkable recovery of the general conditions when improving the utilization of the proteins by the organism, increasing the synthesis of proteins. It is used as a treatment for states of physical depreciation, weaknesses of diverse origins, rebellious anorexia, convalescence, chronic and debilitating diseases, among others.

The dosage usually used for men ranges from 150mg to 350mg per week divided in the injectable form, whereas for women, the administration is dosed from 50mg to 100mg per week in divided doses in the injectable form.

Winobolic Stanozolol Box of 10 ampoules of 1ml x 50mg / ml - Cooper Pharma

Winobolic Injectable Cooper

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