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Tesbolic Testosterone Base Cooper Pharma

Testosterone "Base" or "Suspension" is an injectable preparation containing testosterone (without ester) in an aqueous solution.

Testosterone "Base" or "Suspension" is often classified as the most powerful injectable steroid available, given its speed of action.

It provides an incredibly fast gain of muscle mass and strength. Testosterone "Base" or "Suspension" begins to enter the bloodstream immediately after the injection, so that its effects are felt immediately.

This ester has the same advantages and disadvantages as Testosterone Propionate, the difference being that the testosterone base is an aqueous solution.

Recommended Dosage: 350-1400mg / Week (50-200mg per day)

Tesbolic Testosterone Base Box of 10 ampoules of 1ml x 100mg / ml - Cooper Pharma

Tesbolic Testosterone Cooper

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